Better Sleep Better Life

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Trauma Support
Male and Female
Corina Gheorghiu, LMFT, DDS

Better Sleep, Better Life This is a small experiential group (up to 6) designed to help people who cannot fall asleep or stay asleep, people who suffer from stress and anxiety, as well as anybody who wants to learn how to stay relaxed, refreshed and productive during the day. You will be learning simple techniques based on intention, guided attention, guided natural breathing, and specific simple slow movements that are easy to learn and to remember. The main focus of the group is to give you a set of powerful tools, some designated for the daytime, and others for the evening/night time. When you get stressed during the day you can do them in the convenience of your home or office. When you cannot fall asleep or you wake up at night you can do them right in your bed, without even your partner noticing it. When: Every Monday and Thursday Time: 12-1:15 pm on Mondays starting June 15th 2015 6:30 - 7:45 pm on Thursdays starting June 18th 2015 Where: 23505 Crenshaw Blvd. # 140, Torrance, CA 90505 What to bring: Your favorite pillow and a big towel or yoga mat. What to wear: Comfortable clothing. Cost: $ 130/ 4 sessions (prepaid) or $ 40/ session * RSVP required. Corina Gheorghiu, LMFT, DDS via e-mail or call 310-259-4214 to register. For more information go to