Healing & Flourishing Group for Creatives

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Entertainment Industry
Male and Female
Ron N Gad
Ana Kashefi

Many on the outside don’t understand the underlying depression and pain that has lead you to a life of bringing your artistic expression to the outer world. It takes great courage, strength, and out-of-the box thinking to put yourself and your craft in the spotlight for the potential risk of facing criticism and rejection. You deserve a safe space to process the highs and lows associated with being an artist. The Beverly Hills Therapy Group has launched a therapy group exclusively for creatives like you. This process group provides warmth and understanding met by creatives like yourself, led by a therapist who is a creative artist and can empathize with the unique challenges associated with being in a creative field. This group is a supportive and safe space for you to help gain a deeper understanding of yourself, explore and process the underlying roots of depression and anxiety, and find new ways of coping with these issues to help you flourish creatively and confidently.