Children of Divorce/Joint Custody/Two Houses

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Teens & Adolescents
Female Only
Bonnie Greenberg
Christine Mourad

Co-led with Christine Mourad, MSAMA. New group starting January 9, 2018. Tuesdays, 4:30. Girls 11-14 Support for adolescents managing specific challenges inherent in divorced, blended, and two-home families. Group provides peer support to normalize issues, and professional leadership guiding teens in a safe, developmentally appropriate manner. We\'ll practice problem solving in an emotionally supportive and safe environment. Opportunities to talk about struggles; improving better relationships at home, school, and with other peers. Adolescents can practice empathy, listening skills, and acceptance. Strategies in the group will include Mindfulness practices, group dynamics, problem solving, skill building, music and art, goal setting, self-regulation and calming techniques to strengthen resiliency.