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Grief & Loss
Male and Female
Dr. Cara Gardenswartz
Neda Sanai

Group provides many opportunities for personal growth - it allows members to understand how and why they react the way they do to different situations. It is ideal for people with interpersonal concerns such as intimacy, assertiveness, trust, isolation, anger and loss. Group is a social microcosm- that is, the problems that individuals have in relationships are replicated in the group. So when therapists focus on the relationship between members - they are addressing members\' relationship difficulties outside of group as well. Also, the real time developments in group provides powerful and accurate data: therapists no longer have to rely solely on member\'s descriptions of interpersonal situations. In group, clients have reactions to each other that replicate their experiences to people in the \"real world\". Under the watchful eye of an experienced group therapist, group members: Learn new ways of interacting and dealing with people in their life: for instance, they can become more intimate or assertive. They learn to communicate in a more open and authentic way, and become less fearful about the impact on other people when they are honest -- even with expression of angry emotions. They get to witness the impact of their behaviors on others and get feedback from the group. Identify experiences of loss, envy, longing, and desire for intimacy. Often, members in the group represent client\'s family or origin, and so they have the opportunity to project these feelings onto other members and \"work through\" their early experiences in a safe environment. Another powerful aspect of group therapy is the experience you have that you are not alone in the world. Group is a place where you feel connected and get support, empathy and validation from people who have shared experiences. Dr. Gardenswartz is a Certified Group Therapist (CGP), licensed by the the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA). A Certified Group Psychotherapist is a clinical mental health professional who has met nationally accepted criteria of education, training and experience in group psychotherapy. For more information see: or email