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March 18th, 2018

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When a Group Shares a Dream: Enhancing Connection and Deepening Emotional Experience

When a group works together on dreams, the many feelings and associations generated provides a powerful experience, enriching insight and deepening bonds.

Presenter:  Karen Shore, PhD, CGP, ABPP

In this workshop, Dr. Shore will discuss the concept of the two types of “group dream” and provide an example of each type.  One type is a dream about the group, common to ongoing groups. This form of group dream sheds light on the dreamer’s sense of self and sense of other group members, as well as the dreamer’s sense of the group’s functioning. Volunteers among the attendees will form a Dream Appreciation Demonstration Group.  Dr. Shore will guide the group through an experiential process using an attendee’s dream that will be shared with and worked on by all members of the Demonstration Group.

April 27th -28th, 2018

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GPALA Annual Conference 2018

Callin’ in Race: Finding Words, Finding Courage in Group

Presenters:  Christine Schmidt and Rudy Lucas

This conference will offer group leaders an opportunity to learn how our racial identities are consciously and unconsciously transformed through personal interactions. Group leaders nourish responsive groups by being able to identify and respond to colorblindness, racially encoded dog whistle language and micro-aggressions with honesty and openness. Once limiting racial taboos are spoken aloud they lose their toxicity. As we expand our skills about racial dynamics, we confidently foster cohesion in groups by making space for every member to be visible and heard.

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June 3rd, 2018

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Preparing and Screening Potential Group Members

A workshop designed to investigate the importance of member selection and preparation that affect each member’s group experience

Presenter:  Keith Rand, LMFT, CGP, FAGPA

Experienced group therapists understand the importance of thoroughly screening prospective group members and of preparing them adequately to get the most benefit out of the therapy experience.  Too often, when this process is not given the attention it deserves, group members struggle to know how to use the group and may even terminate their participation prematurely.  In this workshop, we will discuss why this process is so crucial and how to conduct these individual meetings so that group members begin their participation on the right foot.

September 22nd, 2018

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GPALA One Day Conference 2018

Relational Development with Gestalt Group Therapy

Presenters:  Peter Cole, LCSW, CGP & Daisy Reese LCSW, CGP

In this workshop we will explore the theory and practice of a relational approach to Gestalt Group Therapy (GGT).  GGT is an interactive, process oriented approach that places emphasis on group members’ capacity for both self-activation and intimate connection.  The relational gestalt approach promotes a dialogical relationship between the group leader and group members in which the therapist works from a position of authenticity to promote both individual and group development.

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