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June 24th, 2018

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GPALA Presents:

A Group for All Seasons: A Consultation Panel

Brought to you by: GPALA Legacy Advisory Board

In response to request from GPALA membership – The GPALA Legacy Advisory Board has decided to use this year’s Group for All Seasons presentation to offer a consultation panel.
Attendees are encouraged to bring question and problem situations in their practices including but not limited to:
Starting a practice, starting a group, handling group rules, boundaries, problem situations in group, ethicial issues, vacations, terminations, etc.

This event is open to GPALA Members and Non-Members.

3 CEUs will be offered FREE FOR ATTENDEES.
Space is limited to 25 people. RSVP early!
Special Thanks to Insight Treatment Center for hosting us!

August 19th, 2018

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The Anti-Group: Destructive Forces in Group and their Creative Potential

A workshop designed to increase group leader’s awareness and preparation for working with anti-group destructive tendencies so that these tendencies can lead to creative outcomes.

Presenter:  Rena Pollak, LMFT, CGP

This course will provide an in-depth introduction to Morris Nitsun’s excellent and essential book for group therapists: “The Anti-Group: Destructive Forces in Group and their Creative Potential”. Through lecture, discussion and experiential learning you will learn about the destructive forces in group, prepare for working with the anti-group so that you can harness its creative potential, identify the anti-group forces with you as an individual and learn how to screen for anti-group attitudes in potential clients.

September 22nd, 2018

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GPALA One Day Conference 2018

Relational Development with Gestalt Group Therapy

Presenters:  Peter Cole, LCSW, CGP & Daisy Reese LCSW, CGP

In this workshop we will explore the theory and practice of a relational approach to Gestalt Group Therapy (GGT).  GGT is an interactive, process oriented approach that places emphasis on group members’ capacity for both self-activation and intimate connection.  The relational gestalt approach promotes a dialogical relationship between the group leader and group members in which the therapist works from a position of authenticity to promote both individual and group development.

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