COVID-19 Support Groups

COVID-19 Support Groups

Welcome to the Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles’ COVID-19 support group page.  Use the calendar below to link directly to a group associated with your cohort (nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, EMT, ancillary staff, etc)

Our drop-in Zoom groups are facilitated by experienced mental health clinicians who are certified in facilitating groups by the American Group Psychotherapy Association.  Groups are designed to support healthcare workers and medical staff who are navigating the challenges of COVID-19 in the workplace. 

These are not psychotherapy groups. They are support groups facilitated by skilled mental health professionals.

Confidentiality makes our groups safe. We ask that participants respect their colleague’s identities and information by not sharing anything outside the group.

The Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles (GPALA) has contributed to organizing this volunteer effort by CGPs (Certified Group Psychotherapists) in Southern California but holds no liability or jurisdiction over the groups themselves.

Please feel free to email us with questions, thoughts or feedback at