The Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles presents “I Am GPALA,” a campaign that honors the richness and diversity of our membership.

Every two months, we honor an outstanding GPALA member whose work advances the mission and values of our organization and provides the client community with powerful tools for growth and healing. With this update, our spotlight shines on…

 Miguel Ramirez, MSW

As a Miquelmember of the GPALA Legacy Board, I am able to share my extensive experiences in providing group therapy for many different settings over the past 40 years. I enjoy being able to participate in the discussions with my fellow peers for the input and development of furthering programs for the GPALA membership, as well as, participating in the Groups For ALL Seasons presentations.
Miguel has been a licensed clinical social worker and Board Certified Diplomat since 1974.  During these past many years, Miguel has provided individual, family, couple and group therapies for the LA County Department of Probation, Girls’ Family Treatment program, West Hollywood Sheriff’s Juvenile Diversion program, LA Unified Schools  and for the Department of Psychiatry, Thalians Mental Health Center, Cedars Sinai Medical Center for over 37 years.  He has led or co led adolescent groups, young adult groups, adult coping skills groups and multifamily group in the Adult Outpatient and Family and Child Departments, as well as, the Partial Hospitalization program.  He has many years of experience providing supervision and consultation to trainees and post MSW’s in the Advance Clinical Social Work program at the Thalians Community Mental Health Clinic.  He is the co-founder of the Teen Line program since 1981 and has also been involved with Habeas Corpus Death Penalty cases, both pre and post convictions as a mitigation expert since 1991.  Currently, Miguel is interested in continuing to assist other agencies and clinicians to utilize his Transitions program, a group class format, to empower clients to more actively formulate their goals for treatment, whether it is for individual, family, group or couples therapy.  For further information on the Transitions Program, please contact him via email: mhramirezlcsw@sbcglobal.net