Aphrodite's Daughters Group Psychotherapy Experience

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Female Only
Shannon Hoppenstedt, MA, RN, MFT intern

he book Aphrodite\'s Daughters: Women\'s Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul by Jalaja Bonheim (Bonheim, 1997,) explores stories of women and their sexual journeys. Utilizing this as a text, the group will read a chapter and then come to the group ready to share their feelings, and experiences brought up by the reading. The group will work to empower each other in our relationships and in the world. Additionally, each session will be held with a deep sense of sacred care, respect and confidentiality so as to facilitate a safe space for healing. The space is limited to 8 members and a phone interview will occur before membership is accepted. This psychotherapy group will serve those who are willing to face vulnerability around sexual issues including sexuality, sexual trauma, personal desires, and needs. Through this group work, a sense of how to improve intimacy in personal relationships will grow. Additionally, each member will work to heal sexual wounds through connection with the stories of the women in the book and with each other. The goal is to foster a safe space for feelings of vulnerability that arise around sexuality. Some goals for the group will be: • improve self-esteem • help balance intense, scary feelings with feelings of safety, and community • restore a connection with our primal sexual energies The group will meet every other Thursday The cost for the group is 240$ for all 6 weeks. Due to the nature of the work full participation is strongly encouraged.